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Bedroom Design Tips

You could say the bed was the most comfortable place to rest instead of sofas, chairs, rugs, and more. This is what makes the bed as things that must exist in every home. Most people when moving to a new house, the first room is considered a bedroom with the bed.
In bed, you have the flexibility to confide. Suppose for being a troubled teen, then the destination is the bed. They will mourn and weep there.
When the pain of course you will lie in bed for hours.
Even if the disease is severe, it can be many days you are in bed for healing. The main function of the place is to sleep for 8 hours at night, which means 30% of the average human life was spent here. Many important things we can do in bed.
But if we are not beautiful bed, dirty, untidy, and others, will certainly make the bed no longer function normally. Make the bed design is not easy because it will drain energy and time especially when we have to design a bed for our beloved children.
Designing a bed meant we also design the bedroom as a whole because they are twins. For that, we will review some of the design of the bed and the bedroom was the best that they could have a function that we want.
Design Bedroom Design Based on Personality and bed arrangement determine what you personally. You need a little knowledge of the design so that no one in determining the design and arrangement of the bed.

Here is the design of the bed and how to arrangement.
Classic bed design.
If you like something old or classic style, choose a bed design with muted colors and light. These colors eg white, gray or cream color. For bedroom accessories, can be installed at the ancient, personal photos and family photos with a color portrait.
Elegant design of the bed.
If you are a person who likes something modern, elegant design of the bed is the most appropriate. The selected color is the color combination of silver, gray, and black. Striped motifs and patterns are expressly chosen for sheets, pillowcases, and bolsters.
Design beds feminine.
Design and how to organize a feminine bed is suitable for women, especially for girls. Use a combination of bright colors such as pink, cream, red and brown. Do not combine with the same color, but wear a cream color as a base.
Design exotic bed.
The design of this bed specifically for couples who want a harmonious and romantic atmosphere. The selected color combination is rose red, brown, gold, and pink. Choose shades of roses image for the sheets. Place a vase with roses also around the bed.
Girly bed design.
For those of you who want a bright and warm atmosphere, the design can be selected girly bed. The selected color combinations are yellow, blue, and pink for the basic colors. In the bedroom wall, attach accessories with floral motif with curved lines.

Baby Bed Design.
Design of the bed and the bedroom can determine a baby's intellectual development or your child. Security aspects should also be a major factor in the design of the bed in your home. Here's a tip-the tip.
1. Baby Bed Design Under 2 Years At an early age, the baby will be more pleased with the design with bright colors, warm and festive. The colors are red, yellow, blue, and green. Bed linen, pillows, and bolsters can be selected motifs that help the process of introducing objects to the baby, such as animals and plants. The cool bedroom lights in the eyes can be selected for a striking color lights can disrupt a baby's eyesight is still not strong. For safety, choose a bed with a protective side so you do not fall off when the baby is sleeping alone. Secure dangerous objects from the crib like adhesive stickers, objects with sharp edges, and hard objects.
2. Design Baby Beds Baby 2-3 Years 2-3 years will move fast, agile, and like objects. Security is the main aspect that you should consider when arranging a bed. The beds were selected is low due to high bed would be dangerous. if the baby falls, he can blister and could be seriously hurt. Safety on the edge / bed / shall be installed so that the baby does not fall off when you're not watching. At this age, vocabulary development will be needed baby. Give animal motifs and patterns and drawings for sheets, pillowcases, and bolsters. Bedroom furniture and accessories should also have a safety aspect. Choose a material that is light, soft, and blunt. Kids Bedroom Design by Sex One determines the design of the bed by sex can be embarrassing for you. For example, feminine design you give the bed its a boy or vice versa, you give macho design bed girls. You can imagine when your children's friends who visited the house, the kids will feel ashamed and can be laughed friends.
Here we provide some tips on designing.
1. Bedroom Design for Boys Boys have independence and courage in themselves and this should be our wake so that they grow up to be a tough generation. Color easy, calm, and not too bright a bed design that is suitable for them. You can choose the color of white, blue, black, and cream for bed sheets, pillowcases, and bolsters. Paint the bedroom can also choose from these colors. Accessories in the bedroom is chosen confirm, for example, the football club wall clock, photo of the car, motorcycle photo, and others can reinforce the impression that the room belonged to a boy. For carpets, choose a slightly darker color because boys are usually sloppy when eating and drinking so it would make the carpet often dirty.
2. Bedroom Design for Girls Bedroom with a bed are two very privacy for girls. If you are not comfortable there, she would often leave the house. It is not good for him in the current era of promiscuity. The beds were clean, neat, and has an attractive design is a magnet for young women to linger there. Girls like bright colors but smooth and calm. Color of bed sheets, pillowcases, and bolsters are chosen pink, white, and gray. Cat beds and bedroom wall there are two options, namely pink and white. Give giving the impression feminine accessories such as flowers, butterflies, and more. You may also add a vase of flowers and flower-shaped lamps beside the bed. Those are some tips and best bed designs that you can choose based on personality, age, and gender. All designs beds are commonplace in society. When you want something new, innovative designs you can do as you wish but must obey the rules. Congratulations to innovate

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